Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Xtramath is a program online that helps students learn their math facts.  I am a strong believer that students need to have a solid base in their math facts.  If students do not memorize their facts, they often struggle in later in math classes.  Now that common core is in effect all over the country, the standards say that by the end of third grade, students should be fluent in their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.

Here is a video about xtramath. 


  1. I definitely have students who would benefit from this even though I'm at the high school level. Is it SUPER geared towards younger childeren? It also looks like students cannot create a login. The only options were for teachers or parents so I guess it would be something I would have to suggest to my parents?

  2. Hi! I am in the experimentation phase of this with a student this summer, but she is getting bored because she's still on addition and she's older. I think it's important that she is fluent in addition, but she also needs to work in multiplication and division. I haven't found a way to differentiate. Is there a way to do that?