Sunday, July 20, 2014

Introduction to Class Marker

  Hosted online testing quiz maker

Class Marker is an online testing tool for schools.  Teachers can log into Class Marker and create quizzes and tests for their students.  There are a lot of options available to teachers, such as multiple choice, short answer, true/false, or even punctuation quizzes.   There is a space for teachers to add feedback for the questions as well. 

The test questions are easy to make and the site will grade the quiz for you.  Teachers create a group for their class and then can assign a completed quiz for their students to take.   There is also a way to assign the test using a link.  When a teacher assigns a quiz using a link, the results do not get saved.

Here is a screen shot of one quiz that I made.

To get to the website, click here.

Teachers can get up to 50 accounts for their students.  They can break students into groups or assign a quiz to the whole class. 

There is a free account, which gives teachers 100 credits.  This means that they can have 100 students take a quiz and have it graded per month.  Teachers can buy more credits or sign up for a monthly subscription, which allows for more tests.  For up to 400 tests, it is $16.50 per month.  Teachers can also buy credits.  For 50 credits, it costs $25.00. 


  1. I tried to take your practice quiz and the link does not work. You mentioned that students can take the quiz online using a link; what is the other way students can take a quiz? Are all quizzes taken online or are they available to print as well? Also, I have roughly 150 students a semester. Am I only allowed to have accounts for 50 of those students? I like the fact that it is pretty cheap but if I cannot use it for all of my students then what is the point? Do you use this tool in your class?

  2. This seems like a great time-saving idea, but I'm curious as to how the short answer questions would be graded by the site. Would students have to write something that perfectly matches what the teacher provided as the answer in order to receive credit? It seems like it would be easy to use for multiple choice or true/false questions, but I'm not sure it would work for a short answer format. That makes me a little hesitant to use this tool because I very rarely give math tests or quizzes that are all multiple choice. If you have any more insight about the short answer option, I'd love to know how it works.