Saturday, July 19, 2014

Introduction to Prezi

Prezi is a new way for people to create presentations online.  Prezi can be used online from any computer with an internet connection.  To sign up for a free account, click here.  One great feature with Prezi is that you can download a Prezi and use it without internet.  If you want to show a presentation and there is no internet, you can save the Prezi to a thumb drive and show it wherever you need it.

Watch an introduction to Prezi:

Another great feature of Prezi is that the presentations are very interactive and have a lot of movement.  Gone are the days of flat PowerPoint presentations that are boring to the audience.  Prezi's show the big picture and then can zoom in on small details, all in the same circle! 

 To see a sample Prezi and an introduction to the program click here.  This sample prezi will show you some of the tools that are available when creating a presentation.

Try to create a prezi and see how you like it! 


  1. Beware. In most Prezis, the movement distracts from the content, rather than enhances it.

  2. I hate to admit it but I actually like Prezi. It is clearly superior to PPT in most cases. I think that in a school setting, this can be a valuable tool for student creation. While Dr. M might be right that some people may become distracted by the movement during a presentation, this does not apply to the creator. Alternatively, the creator can better see the presentation as a whole, and the way in which his/her ideas link up during the creation process. Therefore, I feel that this could be a great tool for social studies/history teachers to use in particular. A History teacher could assign a student to create a presentation about WWI for example, and require that the presentation include a specified number of articles, student written paragraphs, pictures, and videos.