Tuesday, July 22, 2014



Biteslide is an online website that allows teachers and students to create research projects.  Students can go online and do research using Biteslide.  They can then create a presentation using images, videos, and text.  Students can upload their pictures and videos and the website keeps their things organized on a side panel.  While students are researching and saving their images, they don’t need to worry about their presentation until they have finished their research. 

When they are finished their research, students can start their presentation.  They can choose backgrounds, colors, and add their images and things that they have saved.  They can add text and change things on their slides.  To see an example Biteslide presentation, click here.

There is a free teacher account that you can sign up for.  It gives you (one teacher) and up to 30 students on the free account, but only one project.   For $5 a month, you can have up to 300 students and unlimited projects. 

The great thing for teachers, is that once students finish their slides, they can download, save, and print their slides.  This is great for grading and sharing in the classroom. While this website is designed for a younger crowd, it can be used in all grades.


  1. This is cool. I like how you can add photos and video. They seem easy format and move around unlike Word. This would be a good opportunity for kids to summarize a unit. Using this website would be an updated version of making the traditional "poster".

  2. I love this! When I was playing around with it, it was VERY easy to use, so I think it is definitely a tool that students in elementary grades could use. I was thinking about the third grade curriculum and teaching students about habitats and having them make presentations on all the different habitats. They could then be shared with other classes (in a different school even) that is working on similar standards. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This sounds like an awesome tool! It sounds like an online PowerPoint, but the students would probably enjoy it more. Is there a way that students can work together, like they could in Google Docs, or is it only one student per presentation?

    I love when tools like this are available online so that all students can have access, and I am surprised that it is $5 a month! That's something that could be purchased through MOI funds in middle school.